MY ELECTORAL DISTRICT - Patrick Schreiber on-site!

As a directly elected member of the Landtag, I view myself as the contact person for the citizens and small, middle-sized and big businesses in my electoral district. Together with my employees at the office of the electoral district I am always available for the local people and I am willing to listen to their concerns.


Electoral office Patrick Schreiber

Member of the Landtag

Antonstraße 15

01097 Dresden



Tel: 0049/351 – 810 400 1

Fax: 0049/351 – 810 400 2



The electoral district 45 – Dresden 3


My electoral district compromises the area of

  • Altstadt,
  • Friedrichstadt,
  • Johannstadt and
  • Neustadt.

It is located in the heart of the Landeshauptstadt (state capital) and includes the Sächsischen Landtag (Saxon state parliament) as well as the buildings of the individual ministries.


Based on the following chart, you are able to picture the different districts of the city and their characteristics.


During the election campaign of the Landtag, I attended meetings and events and I initiated several propositions. While doing so, there were 2 significant schemes that I would like to continue to endorse during my time as a member of the Landtag.


Firstly, during my election campaign I have visited various senior citizens’ and residential homes, as I am an intergenerational man, viewing myself as a representative for all the members of society. Communication with the elderly generation is important to me. On the one hand I can learn from their experiences. On the other hand I can comprehend, through individual conversations, the perception and problems of elderly people, implementing this knowledge in my work at the Landtag.


Secondly, 4 activities of the "Schreiber cleans up" scheme took place, in which my hardworking team and I took care of less aesthetic ‘corners’ in my electoral district. We have, amongst other things, rid the Alaunpark of garbage left lying around. Broken glass in the sand of the playground on the Theresienstraße was removed and the public green space around the Wettiner Platz was cleaned.


These schemes showed me that public places, through a manageable effort and commitment, can be made user-friendly in no time. Based on the results, I have decided to continue to endorse these schemes twice a year.