MY ISSUES - That's what it is about!

Saxony is the engine for the entire eastern Germany!


The people in our free state, since re-unification, have accomplished an amazing performance. Saxony could thus develop into an economically strong, socially just and future oriented federal state.

We are the engine for the entire eastern Germany.


The Saxon union since 1990 bears the political responsibility in our free state, and has substantially contributed that the achievements of the people are reflected in the political processes. You, dear Dresdner’s have voted me in the Landtags election 2009 to the representative of your electoral district and hence have set a signal for the continual of the successful political course, without turning left.


With the following issues I have commenced in August 2009 for you and Saxony, and will place these, thanks to your confidence, for the coming 5 years at the centre of my work.


Children and youth policy

Maintain and promote the welfare of our children!

  • the development of violence prevention programmes at schools
  • the necessary support of parents with their parenting responsibilities


To expand and support educational and recreational offers!

  • More places in day care centers and preschools with better supervision
  • improvement and expansion of the “KOMM in den Sportverein” initiative
  • encouraging opportunities for political education for young and old 
  • firmamenting the current approach to media responsibility 

  • endorsing and continuing a solid monetary budget for the implementation of these measures

Social/welfare policy

An honest and underlying social policy continues to be the fundament of a steady economic policy!

  • creating and maintaining jobs
  • the reliance on the wealth of experience from the elderly generation in our society


voluntary work is the cornerstone of social cooperation!

  • the nationwide introduction of a “Volunteer Card” (Ehrenamts-Karte)
  • promoting volunteering activities and citizens initiatives
  • integration of people with disabilities in their working and living environment
  • guaranteed payment of the state-wide monthly disability benefits for the blind (Landesblindengeld)


A fair family policy is also social policy!

  • developing the current spouses income tax system (Ehegattenspiltting) into a Family income tax system (Familienslpittling) including children.
  • the adjustment of the Saxon-wide parental leave payments (Landeserziehungsgeld) to the Federal-wide parental leave payments (Bundeserziehungsgeld)
  • family-friendly and elderly-friendly style in urban-redevelopment
  • promoting in-house preschools in companies and supporting the ‘day-care nanny’ programme

Educational policy

Also, Saxony needs to keep asserting itself globally in the future!

  • guaranteed exemption of fees for the first year in preschool
  • the continuation of the School-TÜV for reassuring the quality of the schools in Saxony
  • expanding extracurricular or all-day activities at schools
  • reviewing the admissions requirements for the Gymnasium
  • maintaining the two-branched school system


Highly qualified teachers are the key to success

  • better appreciation of the work of our public teachers
  • improving the prospect for employment for graduates at our schools
  • re-employing all teachers with full-time contracts

Transport policy

Expand the 21st century international and national interconnectedness!

  • a better connection of the Leipzig and Dresden airports to the network of International flights
  • accelerate the expansion of the rail connection Dresden – Berlin
  • begin immediately with the planning and construction of the rail connection Dresden – Prague


Robust performance and efficiency, characterises the ÖPNV (regional public transportation) in Saxony!

  • maintaining the current rail-bound transportation offer
  • sustainable development of the ÖPNV in Dresden and Saxony


Shaping and designing Dresden as a lively and culture-rich city!

  • expanding and restoring cycle paths and sidewalks
  • financial assistance for the restoration of our main- and side-streets
  • speedy renovation of the Königsbrücker- and Bautzner street
  • rapid completion of the Waldschlösschen bridge (Waldschlösschenbrücke)
  • development of public green spaces in the inner city and residential areas